The creator, Darin Johnson, has been in the contracting business for quite some time, however his original business was in the equipment industry being one of the largest power equipment dealers in the state of Colorado. Enjoying software actually initiated when he started, after selling his power equipment dealership in 2000, which became the largest online community for chainsaw and arborist professionals in the world. His father owned one of the larger roofing companies in the Denver area. During his run in the storm business he used technology to make his and others jobs easier. In the early 2000's there wasn't a lot of these items however we still lead the way by creating his companies own CRM. After selling his contracting business in 2016, he still saw a need in the training department for other companies. When he started his consulting business, reviewing Xactimate estimates, he saw that the consistency of the estimates and the documentation was lacking. He explained what was needed to his customers and again, saw the same outcome. It is still unclear if they just forgot, didn't want to do it, or just didn't understand. There was one way to solve this. He decided to make an app catered to each company and the app would tell the user what photos where needed. Immediately, he saw these businesses start to flourish and attain higher profit margins due to this minor enhancement. There are many photo apps out there. If you don't know what photos to take, then it really doesn't matter that you have a bunch of photos. Taking the correct photos is what is necessary. We have saved customers thousands from showing their clients that that oils stain on the concrete was there at the initial inspection. We have shown customers what their roof looked like before that gutter came in on a hot day and ruined the last two feet around the perimeter from walking on it during a warm day. We have helped insurance companies show that that siding was blown off when the policy was initiated.

These are all things that were missing from these standard apps. It only takes around 10-15 minute to document a job properly. By doing this, you will save more than 10-15 minutes on the backend going to get additional photos on another day or even showing a customer a date stamped photo documenting previous damage. That conversation went from $1000 to fix something to a 30 second email.

When Darin was in Florida in 2017 writing estimates on large loss jobs, he also talked with fellow adjusters that told him how long it was taking them to label photos. He immediately went to work to add a feature to label these photos automatically when downloading them. No more guessing which rooms was what! Software is supposed to help with productivity. That is the whole reason why ez-inspect was created. We hope you enjoy your extra time that you will have after using this application. Ez-inspect staff