Increase Performance

Have you had to go back to your office and upload photos? Have you ever taken a photo and can't remember which house or what room the photo is from? Have you ever had to take all your photos and create a nice-looking report? All these things can be done with the ez-inspect app with a click of a button.

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Reduce Costs

Have you told your staff to take specific photos over and over and they do not provide what you have been asking for? Have you had a supervisor go the job sites training new personnel what photos are needed? Ez-Inspect is your training department. You have the power to create the photos you are requesting.

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Limit Liability

Ever have a customer accuse you of damaging something that was there previously, like a driveway? Require your personnel to take risk photos before you start the construction process. We have heard many times that these photos have saved you $1000 of dollars.

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Restoration and Insurance Photo Management Software

Custom Reports

After conducting your photo inspection, click the "Create Report" button for a beautiful pdf report with all the notes you created.

Photo Labeling

Create predefined labels in your set up. Once you take photos they will automatically be renamed and ready for download.

Ease of Use

The software is very easy to use and learn. Our staff will give you a brief walk through and get you on your way to using the product in minutes.